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We proudly feature thousands of island inspired natural, organic, vegan and cruelty-free, eco-friendly, health, beauty, and home care products. We also offer a carefully cultivated selection of beach apparel and accessories, genuine gemstone jewelry, meditation and chakra products. 


Launching near the end of 2018 Boshemia BODY, Boshemia SKIN and Boshemia NAILS our new line of natural, SLS free, sulfate free, paraben free, gluten free and petroleum free (cruelty-free & vegan) products!

The Boshemia Story

The signature embossed half daisy logo in warm gold


Where it all began

Good health and natural beauty were concepts we recall from our earliest memories. Our mother being a West Indian from Barbados was brought up in a culture of fresh food, simply but tastily prepared and always very close to the source. Fish for example, fresh of the boats and just pulled from the water, fruit plucked off the nearby trees, salad and herbs fresh from the garden. Our grandmother always had some type of home remedy, special tea or cure she used to heal what ailed us and our mother's close friend also a Bajan used to cook up his homemade cough syrup of various citrus fruits, garlic and onion boiled, strained, the juices reduced and a little honey added to make it easier to drink, it worked every time.

Growing up as children my sister and I only ate whole foods and drank whole juices or the quick, lemon, lime or orange-aides my grandmother would whip up with juice, water, a little sugar and lots of ice. Us kids would beg for kool-aid, soda, sugary cereals and McDonald's like our friends were allowed to have, oh how badly we wanted McDonald's! My mother always called that stuff garbage and said those things "had little to no nutritional value". I didn't appreciate being the kid with the rough cracked wheat bread sandwiches in my lunch bag or the brownish unfiltered apple juice in the fridge. I would cringe anytime I saw my mother highlighting her old dog eared copy of Back to Eden because we new a new health food would be added to our pantry or grocery list.

We used dandelion teas for cleansing and detoxing, gripe water for our colicky babies, fresh coconut water for stomach viruses and intestinal discomfort, mint teas for upset stomach, chamomile tea or a glass of milk with a few shakes of Angostora bitters and a "tip" of sugar (as grandma would say) before bed and the ginger tea my mother prescribed for everything else were things we hated almost as much as the Saturday doses of castor or cod liver oil we had to line up and receive. As teens and adults we learned to enjoy them all, even the ginger teas. We fell in love with the idea of cures, medicines and remedies being found in plants, herbs and seeds. I started to collect books on herbal cures and remedies. I saved articles on medicine you can make at home when I discovered them in magazines. 

 Natural health and beauty as a lifestyle

Our mother had a natural health and beauty regime that she stuck pretty close to. Weekends were spent getting hot oil treaments with coconut and castor oils or a Queen Helene cholesterol protein pack and sitting under the heating cap. For special occasions she rolled out an old hair drier that was probably was old as we were, pushed a chair under it and sat patiently while her roller wet set dried. Every few years we would come home to find my mother in the bath room chopping off all of her relaxed hair. She needed to start over and wanted to feel her own hair texture and she cared for her short natural as lovingly as she did her shoulder length relaxed tresses. I adopted this same habit as I have gone short and natural every few years myself until I got locs. As we got older, we began to be more conscious of the items we purchased to go on or in our bodies. We chose items we were taught and we believed were good for our health like crystal deodorants, castille soaps, silky oils and rich butters. We used my Bajan grandfather's recipie of sea salt, baking soda and mint oil instead of toothpaste and we made good use of the large bottles of coconut oil my mother would bring from Barbabdos for us girls. These would be used for hot oil treatments, body moisturizing and more. We steamed our face over a basin of hot water sprinkled with the same teas used for colon cleansing to detoxify the skin and we used a clay masque before going out like our mother did for a radiant glow.

I began to prepare foods more simply, to choose foods closer to the source and I joined a famers co-op to get good prices on natural and organic food. I truly believe that these choices have had a positive affect on how I look and feel. I get the most compliments on my skin and my fast growing hair that I loced a few years ago and has almost doubled in length in that time. I am constantly being asked what I use or for a suggestion for a product to use. While I am no expert I do share what I know and what resources are available to learn more. As I proudly look around my home I still see those choices in the products I use every single day. I am not perfect however, I have a lot of items I haven't found a replacement for. Many items I never even tried to replace and I am still clinging to some harsh cleaning products that make me "feel" like my home is clean but aggravate my asthma and likely pollute my home and environment. Those are next to go.

 Why Boshemia?

I wanted to share my passion for health, beauty and wellness and my love for thr islands with the world and create easier access to the best geen products by offering them online. I enlisted the help of my sister Cynthia a creative soul and design genius. Her design skills and never ending creative energy helped my vision come to life with the creation of my distinctive logo and Boshemia was born!

We created Boshemia for women like us (although unisex and can be used by anyone) who want a heather, more beautiful life, naturally. We created Boshemia for women who want to swap some of their everyday items for a more natural product and for all of us to have alternatives to the items marketed to us that are more harmful than healthy. We wanted us all to be able to find the products that make us feel healthier and more beautiful without the huge focus on changing, loosing weight, gaining weight, wearing more make up, looking younger, preventing wrinkles and laugh lines and such. When first I starting out swapping my usual products for greener ones, it wasn't easy. I struggled to find all I needed in one place. I was running to different drug, health food and department stores looking for my favorite green products. I wanted Boshemia to be a one stop shop where you can order what you need in one place and have your health and beauty items shipped to you, saving you time and money. Boshemia answers that struggle for me and I hope for you as well.

 The Natural Gemstone Jewelry Collection And The Boshemia Exclusives

I have had various online jewelry and accessories web stores over the decades. I have always enjoyed collecting accessories and I love the pulled together look they add to an outfit. I had a period of time where I loved ornate statement pieces, chunky, metallic with lots of stones but I found I could only get a few hours of wear before I broke out in a fine rash wherever the jewelry touched my skin. It burned for days and I ended up with pin prick size scabs outlining the piece of jewelry I was wearing. I also noticed my pieces turning colors, finishes wearing away, an awful metallic smell as they aged and the uneasy feeling the metal was leaching out of the jewelry and into my pores. When I would sweat in the summer the metallic odor of the jewelry became more pronounced. When I realized I couldn't even confirm the actual metals or where they came from I stopped wearing them. I rotated through a few gold, sterling silver, pearl and mossanite pieces I had for over a year.

It was then I decided to shop for jewelry that was not only beautiful but long lasting, that had precious metals and gemstones that I could identify. Pieces that moved me, that spoke to me, that made me excited to wear them. I have some good friends and family who believe that the stones have power and can bring healing energies, peace and focus to your life. I wanted to also offer these items to those who may find a deeper meaning in the them and to help Boshemia expand on the idea of natural health and beauty through jewelry. I wanted to have a selection of gorgeous jewelry pieces that would make us all feel beautiful and regal. There is just something special about wearing a piece of jewelry with a beautiful genuine gemstone in a long lasting finish and setting. We know when you order your first piece you will feel the same as we did selecting them, your first piece wont be your last.

A true Boshemian at heart I love soft, natural fabrics and eco-friendly minimalist home furnishings. A sofa full of miss matched patterned pillows and a Moroccan style lantern with a flickering essential oil scented candle soothe my soul.A lush fern hangng from a macrame holder and a salt lamp casting a glow from my end table. I love a straw, canvas or simple vegan bag more than any designer one and I enjoy decorating with small, unique pieces like the gemstone bonsai tree we used to carry. Boshemia stays true to the easy, beachy, free-spirited feeling of taking a walk on the beach in all we strive to do.

The future and mission of Boshemia

Like you and like me, Boshemia is ever evolving, we will offer new products and if necessary remove some as we learn more about them, as values and ideas about additives and preservatives change or as we discover the company has core values not in alignment with Boshemia and our beliefs. Boshemia is more than a retailer, we aim to use our social media platform to celebrate women, to discuss and bring attention to issues that are important to women, to make small simple steps to a healthier, more beautiful life, naturally! 

What is Boshemia?

Boshemia is many things. It is a place inside all of us. It is a safe heaven. It is a living, breathing, affirmation of living our best lives in the best health. Boshemia is a place where accomplishments are celebrated as often as beauty. Boshemia is where we are all free to be happy and comfortable in our own skin. Boshemia is home.

You will never find a disparaging post from us on our site about the choices any of us make. You will not read admonishments about what you eat, drink or wear. You will not be told what to do or how to do it in attempts to get you to buy our products or to live our definition of health. This is not what Boshemia is about. I may go months eating a vegan or semi-vegan diet to get tempted by a bowl of curry chicken, a burger or chicken wings and find myself discouraged for making that choice. I may make a wish list of eco conscious clothing stores but grab a few tee's and tanks from Old Navy while I wonder who makes their clothes and if those people are being treated fairly and paid well. I still have work to do. I cannot save my own little world in one day and neither can you. Boshemia believes small changes over time will lead to what all of us feel individually and collectively is a heather more beautiful life, a Boshemian life.

What is a Boshemian?

A Boshemian by definition is a woman who has informal or unconventional ideas, habits, views and lifestyles, a free-spirit, a lover of life and its gifts. A woman who strives to make simple changes for a healthier, more beautiful life. 

A Boshemian is a woman who knows or is learning that she is naturally beautiful as she is, right now, in this moment, in her own skin. A woman who is focused on preserving and maintaining her inner health as well as the outer health that some describe or call "beauty". Boshemia strives to help us all create some balance in our crazy, busy, unpredictable, non-stop lives. Boshemia says stop, rest, breathe in some calming oils, sip a cup of good herbal tea or soak in a mineral bath with salts from the dead sea. Boshemia says a good sized bottle of castile soap will clean your face just as well as a few ounces of expensive department store cleansing foam and be healthier for you in the long run.We aren't against enhancing your natural beauty, we love a red lip too! How does a cruelty-free vegan red lip sound to you? Boshemia is committed to helping you achieve a heather more beautiful life, naturally!

Come to Boshemia! You are welcome here!











Natural, organic, vegan, cruelty-free, gluten free and eco-friendly health, beauty, hair, baby and home care products. Now featuring eclectic, curated and beautiful semi-precious gemstone jewelry.