Practical Magic Breaking Bonds 30 Day Guided Journal

Practical Magic Breaking Bonds 30 Day Guided Journal

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When you look in the mirror do you barely recognize your own reflection? Have you given so much that you have lost yourself? Are you wondering why you give so much and receive so little but you can let go? If your lover could go just go back to how they were when you met do you think things would fall into place

Have you lost your voice? Do you keep silent to avoid pain, rage, the silent treatment? Do you know it is time to walk away but just cant? If you can say yes to any of these questions this journal is for you. Written especially for you.

 I know your fears, I know the pain you try to hide, I see you trying to hold things together. I feel your yearning for a love that uplifts and supports that bring joy and peace and stability. Let's walk this road together as we uncover the patterns and themes in our lives that lead us to live this way and break them! We can find ourselves again, we can affirm and celebrate our own value and we can can find joy!

 In 30 days you can be on the path to breaking the bonds that no longer serve you. This guided journal takes you day by day, with a reading passage, discovery questions and a daily affirmation.