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Boshemia's 5 Best Products For Healthy Feet

Our feet do a great deal of work for us. They help us to stand. They help us to bear weight and they help us to balance. Many of us do not think of foot care past a pretty color for our pedicures or a cute anklet or toe ring to show off our well cared for feet.

Foot care goes far beyond beauty and the occasional or bi-weekly pedi at your favorite nail shop or salon. Foot care is often overlooked untill we are in pain and limited in the use of our feet. It is then that the health of our feet become of great importance. 

Here are a few basic foot care tips that everyone can use:

1. Keep your feet clean and dry and moisturize often.

This helps you avoid the breakdown of skin and the growth of bacteria and yeasts that cause atheletes foot, cracking and splitting at the soles, peeling skin on the feet, cracks between the toes and unpleasant odors.

2. Keep your nails trimmed.

Keeping your nails trimmed helps you avoid ingrown toenails, snagging and tearing off a nail and keeps the toenail from butting up against the toe bed of your shoes causing soreness, bruising, and toe nail  loss.

3. Soak sore and tired feet.

Soaking your feet can be relaxing. It can also help restore warmth and blood flow to the feet aiding in healing and lessening of the soreness. Some soaks contain herbs such a peppermint and tea tree for tingle and antiseptic qualities, lavender for relaxation and mineral salts for rejuvenation and detox.


Boshemia's 5 best foot products are aids to keeping for feet in tip top shape.

1. Desert Essence Pistachio Foot Repair Cream -Desert Essence 1X 3.5 Oz This rich moisturizing food creme from  Desert Essence Organics contains a high concentration of pistachio and almond extract and oils which provide intense moisture to the skin and help to begin the repair process.

We suggest using this creme in the evening before bed with pedi-socks to hold in the moisture all night as you sleep. You will wake up with softer more moisturized feet. Look for pedi socks here on Boshemia under Nail and Foot Care and Filter: Nail and Foot Care - Socks. Shop Pedi Socks

2. Earth Therapeutics Footsie Massager -Rock your foot in this cradle of comfort. The specially designed grooves carved into the massager stimulate the critical points along the sole, delivering a scintillating foot massage that reverberates throughout the body.

Anytime feet feel tight, cramped, sore or achy rub your feet on this foot massager back and forth from the balls of your feet to your heels. Vary the pressure you put on the roller untill you find the amount that makes your feet feel ahhhhmazing!

3. Herbacin Warming Foot Care Balm- This product is truly a treat for your feet! This balm gives cold feet a comfortable, long-lasting sensation of warmth. Avocado and almond oil as well as natural camomile extract not only soothe the sensitive skin of your feet, they also protect them from dehydration. Carnosine and Vitamin E bind free radicals and strengthen the cell membrane. Moreover, Carnosine reduces the reaction between sugar molecules, collagen and elastin fibers thus counteracts the aging of the skin and enhances its elasticity.

But wait there's more! Herbacin Foot Care Balm contains chamomile from controlled organic farming, natural avocado and almond oils is 100-percent paraben and mineral oil free and has no animal derived ingredients.

4. SOLE Healthy Sole Foot Pads- The Inner Health Sole Pads are gold patches made from organic cotton and filled with 20% Tourmaline Eleuthero (Siberian), bamboo vinegar and other natural botanical herbs. These superior gold cleansing SOLE Pads are used to absorb small amounts of your body fluids. The SOLE Pads are a natural wellness breakthrough that are specifically designed to awaken your body mind and spirit.

This amazing foot care product also contains: 20% Tourmaline for natural Far Infrared Rays and negative ions, bamboo vinegar, achyranthis root, red peony root, siberian ginseng, artemisia lwayomogi, caragana sinica, platycodon grandiflorum.

5. Earth Therapeutics Grooming Essentials Pedi-Care KitClean, cared-for feet are a key to overall well-being. Start with a warm rinse and soak; while feet are damp, file down calluses and rough patches with the Natural Sierra Pumice Stone. Groom nails with the precision, salon style tools included in the Pedicure Set. Each professional grade implement--toe clipper, cuticle trimmer, two-surface emery board and reusable, angled cuticle pusher -- has been ergonomically designed and tested for exacting accuracy. Massage in emollient-rich Foot Repair Balm (sample included), focusing especially on the acupressure points along the sole. Active ingredients trea tree oil, chamomile and aloe vera reach deep into the dermal layers, healing and hydrating dry, damaged skin. Slip on the Moisturizing Foot Socks to seal in the healing nutrients overnight; feet emerge visibly smoother, softer and healthier. 

This Pedi-Care Kit contains:Toe clipper, cuticle trimmer, two-surface emery board and reusable, angled cuticle pusher has been ergonomically designed and tested for exacting accuracy. Massage in emollient-rich Tea tree Oil Foot Repair Balm (sample included/our Bestseller), focusing especially on the acupressure points along the sole; then slip on Moisturizing Foot Socks just before bedtime -- softer and healthier feet are an overnight sensation! The Tea tree Oil Foot Repair Balm has a superb formula of tea tree oil, chamomile and aloe vera reach deep into the dermal layers, healing and hydrating dry, damaged skin. Packaged in an earth-friendly, reusable zippered bag.


*Disclaimer These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. If you are a diabetic, have circulatory issues, foot problems, diseases, fungi or conditions please consult a health care professional before performing any nail clipping, filing which breaks skin, cutting of cuticles (this is not recommeded for anyone) or any other invasive foot care or soaking in extremely hot or cold water.



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