Welcome back to Boshemia!

Boshemia first opened for business in the summer of 2012. Back then the sale of trendy jewelry and accessories was our focus. Overtime we realized that by following the crowd we made our company like everyone else. We saw our offerings sold by many others in the same business and socal media circles. We took a break and came back with accessories and clothing but after finding it a struggle to find the sizes we needed to fit all women we had to pause and reevaluate. We realized without true passion for what we do we had no business doing it! Fast forward to 2016 we returned renewed and energized. We could clearly describe and demonstrate our vision. We wanted to create a brand that informed and engaged. A brand that was positive and supportive to hard working, free spirited, busy women like us wanted who wanted to be a little healther and a little more beautful, naturally. Looking around our homes we began to see the little things that added to our sense of health and well being. We noticed the things we felt good about using and seeing in our home and the new Boshemia was born.

The 2017 Re-launch of Boshemia.com marks and celebrates our growth and social media comming out! We are proud to offer over a wide range of natural, organic, vegan, gluten free, eco friendly and cruelty free health and beauty products that we love and use from hundreds of brands like Jason Naturals, Amazing Herbs, Shea Moisture, Giovanni, Aura Cacia, Dr. Bronner, Honeybee Gardens, Nubian Heritage and many, many more.

The icing on the cake and a reminder of why we started is our natural gemstone and precious metal filled or plated jewely. Our jewelry is not only beautiful but quality, long lasting pieces you will love to wear. Gone are the days of jewerly that could only be worn for a season and was out of trend in that same amount of time. Our gemstone jewelry makes us feel good. It will make you look and feel naturally beautiful too! 

Boshemia is commited to being engaged in issues that affect women, to not to simply make sales but to have positive, supportive and uplifiting content and engagment with our customers, followers, brand ambasadors and influencers in various social media platforms, blogs, videos, newsletters and in person at community events that we and you support. 

Please join us on our new journey. Check back often as our site evolves and new pages become available for view. There will be sales events, pre-orders, giveaways and contests leading up to the re-launch that you wont want to miss! Feel free to keep in touch with us on social media or send us a message at customerservice@boshemia.com we love to hear from you.




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