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Health. Beauty. Life.

Boshemia is a carefully cultivated online boutique featuring eco conscious, vegan and cruelty free products for health, beauty and life inspired by the richness and beauty of the islands! You will find everything from beach inspired accessories and jewelry to luxurious bath, body  and skin care enhanced by the harvests of the islands;  coconut, pineapple, algae and exotic oils.

The Life Is A Beach Collection!

Get your sunscreen, bum scrubs, swimwear, sandals, beach bags and more,  because it's always summer somewhere!


Cruelty Free Vegan

Boshemia is Cruelty- Free And Vegan Certified by PETA!

You can be sure any product with the Boshemia name and logo is one you can trust. We are working to cultivate our product collections to reflect our new status. Please be patient with us as we remove the brands that do not align with our ideals. Follow us on Social Media so you will be among the first to know when our new Boshemia brand health and beauty products launch!

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Encouraging a spirit of adventure

Encouraging women to express themselves, speak up, shout out, love and live out loud. Boshemia's social media aims to support the acceptance of women as they are and as they want to be. Providing motivation and inspiration to follow your dreams and to highlight women making history, changing the world and inspiring us all to be better.


Lending a helping hand

Through charitable contributions and community service we hope to make some small impact on the lives of our fellow human beings and animal friends. A portion of the sales of all turtle jewelry goes to SeaTurtles.org a rehab and rescue organization for Sea Turtles in the gulf of Mexico and many of our products help the the communities from which the raw ingredients and products were originated and crafted. 


Celebrating the free sprited woman!

We celebrate and honor you by helping you to feel beautiful inside and out. Adorn your temple with precious metal and gemstone jewelry in unique and inspiring designs. Discover or find your favorite green products for you and your family's health and wellness. Take up yoga and meditation to bring calm and centeredness to your often chaotic and busy life. We are committed to helping support your total health, happiness and well being.


Sharing the Caribbean culture and heritage!

We will share the inspiration for Boshemia and what we do and the rich heritage of the Caribbean and African Diaspora through stories, news, information and events on our social media. Boshemia will help keep you informed about the things you care about around the world!

Best selling brands


I love my beautiful crystal bracelet! My energy was amazing today!

S. Spencer

I loved the handbags! They arrived clean and well packaged! My protein powder was delicious. Sign me up for monthly re-order.

M. Herman

I love the lavender body oil. Smells great and it is so relaxing. I use it on my daughter and it helps her fall asleep!

T. Estrada

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